Quality Objectives

"To impart education to the poor and downtrodden students of nearby rural areas of Beed districts and to create likings for education among the students".

The organization is committed to create a center of academic excellence in the field of, Degree courses, Post graduation, certificate courses, Diploma courses & Vocational courses in order to fulfill the social and business requirements by holistically developing future achievers/performers having the right knowledge, skills & attitude for business & life.
This shall be achieved through continually improving the Quality Management System with our maintained systematic approach by involvement of each & every member of our organization.
To create liking for education among the students and raise their educational standard, to effect their moral and physical development with the view to fulfill the expected objectives, to establish and conduct primary and secondary schools, colleges.
To create facilities for the industrial and professional training.
To give impetus to the research work of the education issues, study and teaching.
To do all such other necessary and incidental things for the fulfillment of the objectives.

Invitation To participate UGC Sponsoreded National Seminar


Goals and Missions Of the Institution
1. To provide higher education to the backward and rural youth and to make them self reliant and disciplined.
2. To ensure the overall personality development of the 50% of students through extra curricular and co- curricular activities
3. To organize various extension activities for cultivation of democratic and human values
4. To transfer the knowledge and skills for fulfillment of changing needs of rural society in the process of  modernization.
5. To provide the opportunities of higher education for upliftment and empowerment of rural women
6. To develop the abilities of right kind of leadership amongst the students in all works of life.
7. To provide the finest opportunities and environment for teaching, learning and research.